The mission of Comics and Books Rescue for Kids Foundation is to promote imagination, self-esteem, courage, and literacy within hospitalized children by delivering to them free comic books, activity books, and novels. Thus, giving them the opportunity to explore and strengthen their minds, as well as fill their hearts with courage as they face the road to their medical recovery. As of October 2021, CBR Kids has delivered over a combined number of 4,000 new comic books, activity books, and novels to the Children’s Hospital located in Aurora, Colorado. Our extended mission is to continue to support all of the children that are in need of medical care across the country.
We envision a world where our nation's children are eager to learn new things and achieve their goals or dreams. A place where their imagination leads to the creation of new innovations that help the general public. A youthful generation that has the necessary self-esteem when times may get difficult. We envision our youth discovering the superhero in themselves during their hospital visits and coming home as our courageous leaders of the future. Our vision is to have a CBR Kids chapter in every major city that provides a children's related hospital facility. We will be able to distribute books simultaneously around the country on a set schedule. These steps will ensure that we are doing everything possible to reach every hospitalized child in the United States of America. Our vision is to create future business opportunities for any children that may discover that they want to become a writer, an artist, or a painter after their time in a hospital. With your support, we can give them the tools to build their entrepreneur-inspired dreams! A single book in one child's hands may become the catalyst to positive change the world has never seen. We here at Comics and Books Rescue for Kids Foundation are eager to find out.


The source of a child’s ability to create lies within their imagination. The ability to form new creative concepts, ideas, and resolutions to problems all starts here. It’s important to supply our youth with various examples to draw strength and inspiration from while they are in the hospital. Comic book superheroes often use their imagination to defeat the villains in their adventures.


In order to tap into their creativity children need to have the confidence in themselves to express their ideas to their peers or adults. Without it their mental health can suffer from possible rejection from others. By supplying books with characters that know their worth we find that kids draw their inspiration from this as well.


With their imagination and self-esteem they will be able to find the courage within themselves, just like these characters, to triumph in the face of pain and hardship. Yes, they are young children but, that doesn’t mean they cannot summon the mental or physical strength to preserve and overcome their challenges.


Literacy is the hidden gem amongst the other jewels that make up the four pillars of our charity. The ability to read, write, communicate, and comprehend allows our youth to express themselves and build a strong community with others around them. This is how superhero teams are formed in the comic books as well! By strengthening the foundation of our youth we only make ourselves stronger as a global community.

In December of 2021, our first annual toy drive was so successful that we needed to rent a UHaul truck to deliver all of the toys to the Children’s Hospital. We thank the local businesses that stationed and supported our toy donation boxes. Thank you to Mutiny Info Cafe & Comics, Enchanted Grounds, 5280 Comics, Cobalt Comics & Collectibles, and Amazon’s Den 5 Distribution Center.

Our charity looks forward to repeating our outcome with this year’s upcoming holiday toy drive. For Easter and Passover 2022, our charity was able to deliver activity baskets to the hospitalized children at the Anschutz Medical Campus. We intend to continue our efforts locally as we plan to grow and expand our reach outside the state of Colorado. With your support of donations or purchases of our products, we can reach more hospitalized children throughout the United States. Imagination, self-esteem, courage, and literacy are the four pillars that make up the foundation of our charity’s mission. Based on the results of our efforts so far, we stand firm in the belief that these four pillars will continue to have a positive outcome.
Meet our Team
Founder and CEO, Kareem K. Taylor
Kareem Taylor, Founder and CEO
Our charity’s founder, Kareem K. Taylor, is an independent filmmaker by trade. His production company, Digital Darklords, LLC, has produced several short films, documentaries, and music videos for various artists. After a near fatal car accident in 2015, he was overwhelmed by gratitude from the community that he decided to start Comics and Books Rescue for Kids Foundation. His motto for this charity is, “Where there’s a child in need, we’ll provide a book to read.”
Thomas Ong, Vice-President
Thomas Ong, Vice President
Thomas, our charity’s Vice President,
is a highly skilled individual with expertise in data analysis, multidisciplinary designing, filmmaking, and creative problem-solving. He is deeply committed to bringing about a significant impact on people’s lives at a large scale. His enthusiasm for learning, mentoring, and tackling complex challenges drives him to achieve great feats.
Matt Clifford, Treasurer of the Board
Matt Clifford, Treasurer of the Board
Matt Clifford is the author of eight books. He is an editor at Turnsōl Editions, and the Treasurer of nonprofit organizations such as Boulder FoodRescue, Boulder County Arts Alliance, and Beyond Academia Free School. Matt Clifford holds an MFA from Naropa’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics and currently works at Henry, Waters & Associates.
Javon Capman, Creative Director
Javon Chapman, Creative Director
Javon’s exhibitions and installations have been displayed in the Aurora Public Library and the Town Center at Aurora. His credits include the 2021 MLB Allstars Exhibit in the McNichols Civic Center Building and Meow Wolf. His work and upcoming exhibits can be found on zelocorp.com.