Superhero Supporters
Artist Supporters
CEO, Kareem K. Taylor and illustrator David Mack. David signed and donated his artwork to our charity.
Illustrator David Mack
David Mack is an award-winning writer, illustrator, painter, designer, and director. His New York Times Bestselling comic book series, Kabuki, has been translated into 7 different languages and printed millions of times in comic books, trade paperback, and hardcover graphic novels. He was nominated for an Emmy for his work on the opening titles of the Netflix series, Jessica Jones. His children’s book, The Shy Creatures, is available on Amazon. David Mack is also well known for his extraordinary watercolor paint-style comic book covers.  David Mack signed several pieces of his artwork and comic books for our charity to auction off for fundraising!
Comic book illustrator, Jae Lee, and Oasis Comics at Fan Expo Denver 2021. Jae Lee donated a signed copy of his book to our charity.
Illustrator Jae Lee
Jae Lee is an award-winning comic book illustrator known for his outstanding cover art and interior artwork for various publications like Marvel, Image Comics, DC Comics, and more. His most notable works can be found in books like Stephen King’s Dark Tower, The Inhumans, Hellshock, Namor The Sub-Mariner, Batman/Superman, X-Factor, and the Uncanny X-Men.  Jae Lee signed and donated a CGC 9.8 graded sketched and signed copy of his work on the DC comic book, Locke & Key/The Sandman: Hell & Gone #1 for us to auction off for fundraising!
Mutiny Information Cafe and it's monthly auction host, Jeff (The Professor). Mutiny Info Cafe donates a portion of their auctions to our charity.
Jeff (The Professor) and Mutiny Information Cafe
Located in downtown Denver, Colorado, Mutiny Information Cafe is a coffee bar that sells new and used books, comic books, vinyl records, posters, and various other forms of art.  The store owners and the store manager, Jeff (The Professor), have been supporters of our charity since day one.  Jeff hosts a monthly comic book auction at the cafe which donates a portion of the auction proceeds to CBR Kids!
Artist and comic book creator, Monte M. Moore, has donated several signed books to our charity!
Monte M. Moore

Monte M. Moore is an award-winning illustrator, writer, painter, sculptor, and comic book creator. His company, Maverick Arts, has published several comic books like, Loco Hero and Blood ‘N Bullets. His work also includes various comic book covers for Lady Death, Star Wars: The Mandalorian original canvas paintings, and original western inspired paintings and art. Monte M. Moore signed and sketched original artwork on several of his Star Wars: The Mandalorian Collection canvas paintings for our charity!
Voice actor, Brian Cummings, has donated a signed Funko Pop of one of his voiced cartoon characters!
Brian Cummings
Brian Cummings is a voice actor who has portrayed the voices of countless characters in animation, video games, commercials and movies. His career spans over 30 years and includes such projects as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Jetsons: The Movie, Beauty and the Beast (Disney animated film), The Jungle Book 2, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, DuckTales, Tom and Jerry Kids, and many more. Brian Cummings donated a signed Funko Pop of his classic G.I. Joe character, Doctor Mindbender for us to auction.
Chris Shehan is a comic book artist and illustrator who has donated several copies of his latest work to our charity for auctions!
Chris Shehan
Chris Shehan is an accomplished comic book illustrator who is known for his work on such comic books as, House of Slaughter, The Plot, The Autumnal, Displaced, and The Wilds. Chris signed and donated a copy of his work, House of Slaughter: The Butcher’s Mark #1 for our charity to auction off for fundraising!